TRICO and MAFCO Autobar ‘perfect summer’ promotion goes live

For every £200 of TRICO stock ordered in single transaction, garages will get a guaranteed prize

TRICO and MAFCO Autobar ‘perfect summer’ promotion goes live
TRICO and MAFCO Autobar have launched a summer giveaway.

TRICO has joined forces with MAFCO Autobar to launch a sizzling summer giveaway, offering customers the opportunity to win fantastic prizes – perfect for the hot weather – and everyone’s a guaranteed winner when they purchase TRICO wiper blades via MAFCO Autobar.

While sunny and hot weather doesn’t lend itself to traditional ‘wiper blade season’, vehicles may still need their wiper blades changing to pass their MOT; TRICO, therefore, is urging its customers to stock up, so when required and, of course, when the weather inevitably deteriorates, they’ll be ready to go.

To thank them for their continued loyalty, TRICO is hoping its customers can bask in the summer weather, accompanied by some of the prizes on offer, like a Weber barbecue, outdoor speakers, garden furniture, barbecue meat hamper, barbecue tools and crates of beer.

With more than 100 prizes available, the promotion will run from the 29th July and end once all the prizes have been won.

For every £200 of TRICO stock ordered in a single transaction, the customer will receive a tote ticket with a guaranteed prize and will receive their reward with their next order.

Valid : All prizes must be claimed by 5pm on Friday 30th August

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