SIP highlights range of workshop fans and ventilators

Seasonal products featured in SIP summer promotion and valid until end of September

SIP highlights range of workshop fans and ventilators

With the summer heat set to continue over the coming weeks, SIP is offering a range of air ventilation and circulation solutions across the UK and Ireland.

The SIP fans and ventilation range consists of a selection of workshop and drum fans ranging from 18” through to 36” diameters.

All SIP fans are designed for keeping air fresh, the ventilation of odours and fumes, and cooling, as well as conventional drying applications.

Elsewhere, SIP offer two portable ventilator models which are designed for mobility, for use in smaller spaces, vehicles, on-site, and elsewhere.

The SIP 10” and 12” Portable Ventilators offer the same benefits of our larger workshop fans, but with a greatly reduced footprint overall.

Ventilator Ducting is available as accessories to these units, meaning air direction and efficiency can be improved even further.

Workshop drum fans

  • 05615: SIP 18″ workshop fan £59.99 + VAT
  • 05613: SIP 20″ workshop fan £69.99 + VAT
  • 05616: SIP 14″ workshop drum fan £144.99 + VAT
  • 05617: SIP 30″ 230v workshop drum fan £179.99 + VAT
  • 05625: SIP 30″ 110v workshop drum fan £199.99 + VAT
  • 05622: SIP 36″ workshop drum fan £219.99 + VAT

Ventilators and ventilator ducting

  • 05618: SIP 10″ portable ventilator £99.99 + VAT
  • 05619: SIP 12″ portable ventilator £124.99 + VAT
  • 05620: SIP 12″ ventilator ducting for 05618 £79.99 + VAT
  • 05621: SIP 14″ ventilator ducting for 05619 £89.99 + VAT

The range is available from distributors across the UK and Ireland.

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