Dorset woman charged £3000 for repairs in breakdown hell

Lizz White received £1,471.91 refund on parts as 'goodwill gesture'

Dorset woman charged £3000 for repairs in breakdown hell
Lizz White soon racked up costs trying to fix her Citroen C4 Picasso.

Lizz White from Dorset had broken down in the Cotswolds before embarking on a journey that would end up with her £3000 out of pocket, Carbuyer reports.

Initially, Lizz had been told that all four fuel injectors of her Citroen C4 Picasso would need replacing, and despite not understanding why those particular parts would need changing she agreed to the work.

Shortly after collecting the car 48 hours later, Lizz returned to Thompson First as the warning light had turned back on after 12 miles.

On her return, she was told that she would need a new DPF – the cost of which would bring her overall total to over £2700.

Costs continued to rise

Shockingly, Lizz was to be charged £56.40 for a new tyre when a delivery driver punctured her wheel when returning the vehicle with the DPF issue still unresolved.

She said: “After a few miles of driving, I had the same warning bleep and message about the DPF.”

Lizz sought further advice from Citroen Dorchester, who explained that the sensor needed updating and on top of that, Lizz would need to find £265 for a new thermostat to fix the warnings.

“I find it very hard to believe the injectors needed to be replaced, the general feeling is that the injectors wouldn’t have caused the problems I was having.”

A spokeswoman from Citroen said: “We’ve reviewed the case and have agreed with the dealer to reimburse the cost of the injectors as a goodwill gesture.”

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