Touareg transmission problem is “characteristic of the model”, say VW

Dealer and manufacturer tell customer there's no fix for gear change issues

Touareg transmission problem is “characteristic of the model”, say VW
The dealer initially denied any problem with the transmission but the car maker has now told Mark there's no current fix for the fault.

A VW customer who reported problems with the transmission on his 66-plate Volkswagen Touareg R Line Plus just days after it was supplied to him by a VW dealer has been told that there is currently no fix for the issue.

Mark said: “It changes between seventh and eighth gear at the slightest touch of the accelerator, and is especially bad at 70mph.

“In reality, you cannot hold the car at this speed as it constantly changes up and down with a corresponding increase in revs.

“When it happens, there is vibration through the steering wheel and pedals that does not seem normal.

“This makes the vehicle unpleasant to drive and in my opinion not fit for purpose.”

‘Not fit for purpose’

In a letter to Mark, the dealer’s brand manager said: “Volkswagen UK has assured me that a solution will be found, and at this present time it is a characteristic of the model.”

VW Financial Services has now agreed to refund his deposit and monthly payments to date.

A VW spokesman told Car Buyer: “Volkswagen UK is aware of isolated concerns relating to the operation of the automatic gearbox in the Touareg.

“These are under investigation.

“I’m afraid there’s no technical information available.

“We will update customers as soon as we have further information.”


  1. I would agree with Mark’s assessment. I have just brought a 17 plate Touareg and it is really not easy to drive on motorways. I have resorted to sticking into tiptronic in order to force the thing to stay in 8th gear. I have a 30 day / 1000 mile return option on the car and am seriously considering using it.

  2. Did VW come up with a fix for this problem? I have the same issue on my 2017 model and once you notice the unnecessary flipping between 7th and 8th gear it makes motorway driving unpleasant.

  3. I also have 2017 Touareg R Line Plus with the same fault. Is there a fix? Maybe Mike Ruff could get an update to this problem direct from VW.

  4. Same here, I am also driving a Touareg R Line Plus 2017 reg with the exact same fault. Been it touch with my dealer and still waiting for a fix. Does VW have an official fix and how should I proceed with the dealer.


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