Quality is key for steering and suspension

Steering and suspension components are under extreme stress thanks to the increasing number of potholes on UK roads, Febi has said as it highlights the quality demands on wearing parts.

Febi’s steering and suspension range of more than 8,000 articles covers 95 per cent of popular vehicles and all are manufactured to OE-matching quality.

The range includes control arms, tie rods, tie rod ends, inner tie rods, ball joints and stabiliser links.

A Febi spokesperson said: “In order to ensure reliable absorption of the vertical and horizontal forces occurring during acceleration, braking and cornering, all Febi steering and suspension components are subjected to intensive testing.

“Only completely flawless products are accepted into the Febi range.”

The brand advises garages to replace all fittings as well as the wear part itself.

However, these additional articles – mostly nuts and bolts – are frequently not included with the individual replacement part.

Febi’s range of steering and suspension ProKits are a tailor-made solution, offering assembly kits which include all the necessary mounting parts.

The spokesperson added: “Our claim to have a consistent quality of parts across the entire range can be demonstrated with the febi ProKit.

“The high quality standards apply to all connecting materials, not just the main wear parts.”

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