Articulating slim light introduced as part of new advanced Sykes-Pickavant range

SMD LED provides illumination between components where standard flashlights fail reach

Articulating slim light introduced as part of new advanced Sykes-Pickavant range
As with all lights in the ALS range, the articulating slim lights come with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Sykes-Pickavant has said its articulating slim light’s are “ideal for demanding inspection jobs in the most inaccessible and narrow work areas”.

With a depth of only 9mm, the top SMD LED provides illumination between closely adjacent components where standard flashlights cannot reach.

The top SMD LED can also be used as a regular flashlight when the housing is closed and the front COB LED is ideal for general lighting requirements.

The new lights are available in 200 lumen as model ASL201R, 500 lumen as model ASL501R and 200 lumen UV as model ASL202RUV.

The UV mode of the ASL202RUV helps to identify leaks and spills.

Leak detection fluid can be added to the air-conditioning system and the UV light will allow for easy detection of the problem area without the need for additional tools.

The lights pivot a full 360° for improved range of illumination and all options feature a magnetic base for heavy duty mounting at any angle.

For carrying and hanging on non-magnetic surfaces, the lights also feature a flush mounted rotating hook.

Winner of iF Design Awards 2018, Reddot Awards 2017 and Red Star Design Awards, the series has an impressive range of accolades that speak for its innovation and functionality.

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