Independent distributors given tour of DENSO’s Indonesia OE manufacturing plant

Attendees shown how factory processes ensure of consistently high OE standards

Independent distributors given tour of DENSO’s Indonesia OE manufacturing plant
DENSO showed members of the independent UK aftermarket how it ensures consistent OE standards.

DENSO hosted a trip to Indonesia last month, giving 19 distributors the opportunity to experience the production processes of the Japanese aftermarket brand’s products.

Built just five years ago, the Fajar plant uses its modern facilities and latest production techniques to deliver its Twin Tip Spark Plug technology, as well as other innovations.

Strict quality control

Guests were shown various stages of the production processes and the strict quality control implemented after each step.

Incentive for DENSO customers

The customers were invited after demonstrating loyalty to DENSO products and meeting their targets during a six-month incentive promotion that ended in December 2018.

One of three DENSO manufacturing sites in Jakarta, covering an area of 39,700 square metres, the plant’s 1,294 staff members produce 13 product lines including spark plugs, O2 sensors, ECUs, starters and alternators.

As one of the most advanced plants in DENSO portfolio, the factory plans to expand the number of parts it produces, making use of the facilities and strict quality control regime.

Following the visit, guests were given the chance to explore the local culture on Bali Island, enjoying a visit to Nusa Lembongan Island and Uluwatu temple.

Rewarding customers

Fatiha Laauich, marketing communications manager at DENSO Automotive UK, commented: “We really love rewarding our customers and giving them a genuinely insightful experience.

“The Jakarta plant is one of the most impressive sites we have, so the opportunity to get up close and see how we ensure quality at every step gives our customers a true understanding of the process.

“Not only did our visitors discover what it means for a product to be OE-standard but we were also able to enjoy some of the Indonesian culture.”

Scott Maul, Colchester Fuel Injection, said: “I just wanted to thank you all for another fantastic DENSO Club trip.

“Indonesia was an absolutely amazing experience and I feel very fortunate to have shared it with such interesting people.

“Finally, in the interests of both continued growth and any future DENSO Club events, we would like to work closely with DENSO UK in 2019 to achieve our goals – thank you, as always, for your support.”

Ian Beswick, AP Air, said: “What an amazing time I had; I met some really interesting people, characters, and the hotels were outstanding.

“The factory visit was interesting, but, for me, the most interesting was the processes they put into place for new recruits, and the continual checking of these processes.”

Further details of DENSO’s activities and aftermarket products are available by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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