Cooling system flush tool from Gates

Pulsating tech removes sludge, scale and other contaminants from radiators, heat exchangers, hoses and engine blocks

Cooling system flush tool from Gates

This month Gates is sharing the benefits of its Power Clean flush tool for in-depth cleaning of vehicle cooling systems.

The Power Clean tool “water hammers” accumulated sludge and scale deposits without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents.

It cleans radiators, heat exchangers, hoses and engine blocks, maintains system integrity and ensures warranty coverage on replacement parts, including water pumps.

The tool uses pulsating technology to ensure a complete and thorough system flush.

It eliminate problems technicians are faced with over time, including depleated coolant protectants which lose their effectiveness.

It removes oil, dirt and other harmful particles which contamite the coolant.

A complete set of tips and connectors allows the tool to be used on radiator necks, engine blocks and heater core tubes.

The tool’s process allows air to pressurize the water to scrub deep into corners and crevices, removing trapped debris, and it automatically regulates the pressure to a safe level if a hard blockage exists, eliminating the possibility of damage to the system.

Gates views the cooling agent as the ‘fluid connection’ between the cooling system components and believes it is a vital “part” of the system deserving full attention.

In addition to protecting the engine from extreme temperatures, the coolant also protects the cooling system from rust and corrosion.

As a result, the cooling system needs to be properly maintained by flushing.

It is important to periodically flush the complete cooling system including the radiator, engine block and heater core.

A complete flush is also critical before changing cooling system service parts, adds the company.

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