Lucas Oil additive technology

Heavy duty oil stabiliser and fuel stabiliser benefits explained

Lucas Oil additive technology

Engine protection is a key part of preventive maintenance, so this month, Lucas Oil is exploring ways to achieve this by using additive technology.

Most internal engine damage takes place as a result of a dry start.

Dry starts occur when vehicles are a laid up.

The recent lockdown may be an extreme example, but cars left in airport car parks at holiday time, or sporty convertibles have been garaged throughout the winter season are typical examples of vehicles that are in need of added engine protection.

During a lay-up, the oil drains down into the sump, leaving moving engine parts unprotected.

Heavy duty oil stabiliser

Lucas Oil heavy duty oil stabiliser is an oil additive that’s been designed to prevent engine damage caused by a dry start.

It is used to fortify the engine oil and achieves this by leaving a thin film of protection over every moving part, long after the oil has drained down into the sump.

Moreover, it can be added to any type of engine motor oil and will never void the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty.

Poor quality engine oils, or tired oils that are due for a change increase the potential for the engine damage that can be caused in the event of a dry start.

The good news is that a complete oil change is not the only way to increase the level of internal engine protection.

Extensively tested for its engine protection qualities in demanding motor sport environments, Lucas Oil heavy duty oil stabiliser is a first call for preventive maintenance support from international dragster racing teams, drift car racers and oval track monster truck racing teams.

It’s also a must have for World Land Speed Record breaking teams.

It’s an engine oil additive with added benefits.

Lucas Oil heavy duty oil stabiliser is a product that helps to reduce friction, lower operating temperatures and increase power.

In certain circumstances, it is also an effective treatment for smoking engines.

Lucas Oil fuel stabiliser

Finally, fuel octane levels decline quite quickly if a vehicle is standing, unused. “

Preserving the integrity of any fuel in the tank with the introduction of the right additive is an easy fix,” says Dan Morgan, director of sales and operations at Lucas Oil products (UK).

Lucas Oil fuel stabiliser will preserve the octane level, ensure the fuel remains usable and that the vehicle will re-start without problems.

And there’s no need to empty the fuel tank before a long

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