Review this Smoke A1 Pro Turbo from Angry Jester for free

Detect possible leakages and have your say on how this equipment performs ahead of review coverage in GW Views

Review this Smoke A1 Pro Turbo from Angry Jester for free
The Angry Jester A1 PRO TURBO Diagnostic Leak Detector is the essential tool for locating leaking systems.

Smoke A1 Pro Turbo is designed for quick detecting leakages from the air intake system, exhaust system, manifold, coolant tank, sealing, and fuel pipe.

Review this equipment for free in a four-week trial period and have your say on how it performs.

We’ll just need some photos of the kit being used and your feedback ahead of review coverage in Garage Wire’s digital magazine, GW Views.

Key Features

  • Compact and powerful enabling fast checks for engine leaks.
  • Use on all passenger car engines except EVAP.
  • DC 12V vehicle battery driven.
  • Instant smoke generation.
  • Large 10L per minute smoke flow rate.
  • Quick bladder to fit most intakes/exhausts.
  • Smart 5 minute working cycle controller with a single control button.
  • Time-saving revenue generating diagnostic tool that pin points leaks on the entire engine system.

For further information on reviewing the Smoke A1 Pro Turbo from Angry Jester and for details on how to register your interest in testing other new products and services email [email protected].

Review status: This equipment is currently be reviewed by a GW reader.

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