New AirCon ready refresh cleaner from WAECO

Probiotic micro-organisms create healthy micro-flora which represses disease-causing micro-organisms

New AirCon ready refresh cleaner from WAECO

WAECO has unveiled its new AirCon ‘ready refresh’ cleaner which prevents the build-up of harmful germs and replaces them with healthy micro-organisms.

Unpleasant odours in the vehicle can have a multitude of causes.

In many cases the bad smell comes directly from the air vents, because bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms have settled in the air conditioning.

Key features

  • No aggressive cleaners or disinfectants
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Handy spray can – no other equipment required
  • Reduces pathogen (disease-causing) germs
  • Removes the cause of bad odours from the A/C system

Probiotic cleaners such as AirCon Ready Refresh work with probiotic micro-organisms that create a healthy micro-flora which represses pathogen (disease-causing) micro-organisms.

The undesired organisms are not immediately killed, but prevented from multiplying.

Once the probiotic cleaner has been used several times, the pathogen germs will eventually die out.

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