New vehicle sanitising machine from TEXA

Minimise the risk of COVID-19 spread by protecting staff and customers

New vehicle sanitising machine from TEXA

TEXA has developed a product line for automotive industry, with numerous measures and exclusive functions for the elimination of bacteria and/or viruses.

Thanks to a particular and exclusive procedure that, at the end of the cycle, transforms the ozone into oxygen, TEXAE says its AIR2 SAN is the only sanitiser on the market for the automotive industry that guarantees correct air quality before returning the vehicle, in order to protect both the driver and the technician.

In addition, AIR2 SAN is also a great tool for sanitising workplaces.

Key features:

  • Completely Automated Process
  • Dust Filter and O2 Catalyst
  • Standard ozone, temperature and humidity sensors
  • O3-O2 reconversion at the end of the procedure
  • Compatible with Axone Nemo
  • Printable service report

The AIR2 SAN kit can operate stand-alone or combined with a TEXA diagnostic system and related interface.

AIR2 SAN is activated directly from outside the vehicle through a remote control supplied with it, or via the free app and provides a completely automated sanitation of the passenger compartment.

Thanks to its ozone, humidity and temperature sensors, AIR2 SAN automatically provides the correct level of saturation for the vehicle being serviced.

When the green light appears in the display or the specific indication in the app, the vehicle is ready to be returned to the customer, without any further operation.

AIR2 SAN and Axone Nemo

For workshops and professionals that already use AXONE Nemo and related VCI Navigator, TEXA has developed and patented an innovative integration
with AIR2 SAN via Bluetooth.

Using the vehicle’s diagnostics, AXONE Nemo enables AIR2 SAN to work in conjunction with the commands sent to the air conditioning system’s electronic components, allowing the ozone to easily reach any surface inside the vehicle.

For more information and pricing, email [email protected] or select ‘more details’ below.

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