Light up the job with Unilite’s PS-IL10R inspection light

1,000 lumen LED Unilite inspection light

Light up the job with Unilite’s PS-IL10R inspection light
Unilite is proposing a new era of social responsibility with its latest range.

Lamp manufacturer, Unilite is this month highlighting the benefits of its PS-IL10R inspection light.

A Unilite spokesperson said: “Featuring a 1000 Lumen output via its Samsung SMD LEDs, which flood an entire engine bay, underneath the car, or anywhere else that needs completely covered in a blanket of light.

“This is in addition to the extra torch on its head, which is perfect for looking through wheel arches or any other crevice.”

Key features:

  • Positional hook/foldable kick stand
  • Ultra strength aluminium and polycarbonate housing
  • Strong magnet
  • DC-USB charging cable included for portable, non-static charging

For more information on the Unilite range, check out the online brochure or select ‘more details’ below.

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