Get TUNAP’s valve cleaner for free and report back to GW on how it performs

Try this valve cleaning system in your workshop and get your review published in GW Views

Get TUNAP’s valve cleaner for free and report back to GW on how it performs

Garage Wire is calling on readers to register their interest to review the TUNAP valve cleaner for free and have their say on how it performs.

Review coverage will appear in GW Views and readers can express their interest by emailing [email protected]

A TUNAP spokesperson told GW: “Carbon build up on the inlet valves is a common problem that many independent garages face.

“Some garages have tried methods which have had limited effect but have involved expensive, labour intensive dismantling of component parts to clean or replace them, hiking up the overall repair cost.

“To avoid this, TUNAP worked closely with major car manufacturers to find a quick and effective solution to this issue; the result is the TUNAP valve cleaning system, which works with all brands of vehicle.

“The TUNAP valve cleaning system is approved under warranty by Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen as first fix before replacement, and approved for use by Vauxhall, Fiat, Suzuki and several commercial brands.”

The cleaning process can be finished in just under two and a half hours for a standard four-cylinder engine.

Those registering interest in reviewing this product must have a working air pressure line.

Review status: Register your interest to review this product now.

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