Coronavirus outbreak sees UK’s independent garages pull together for support

How's your workshop adapting and what are you doing to help others? GW calls on garages for 'good-news' stories

Coronavirus outbreak sees UK’s independent garages pull together for support
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As the UK adjusts to increasingly drastic measures to combat the spread of coronavirus Covid-19, independent garages are doing their bit to keep the country moving.

A GW poll has revealed that it’s business as usual for 76 per cent of garages.

Speaking to GW, Hayley Pells of Avia Autos in Bridgend said: “The private car is a lifeline to many working front line services, the elderly and vulnerable who cannot use public transport but still need to make essential travel and will be more dependent than ever on maintenance and repair.

“The independent garage sector will be reliant on supply chains to ensure distribution of the products needed to keep everyone going.”

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Many are taking to social media to share tips and advice with other workshops on how to cope in the current situation.

Commenting in the GW forum, Mickey Kredel said: “Since the outbreak we are asking customers to turn off the heating and air conditioning system so air is not blowing when the key is turned on and asking that there be no open drinks, straws, food etc in the vehicle.

“We enter with gloves on and wipe down the steering wheel, shifter and door, along with spraying Lysol onto their keys in a bowl when they arrive.”

Other measures taken by garage businesses include customer vehicle collection and drop-off services.

Responding to a mechanic’s question on Good Morning Britain this week about the dangers on transmitting coronavirus while working with customer vehicles, Dr Hilary Jones said: “It’s people that transmit the virus, not things.

“Obviously the virus can live on things but if people are washing their hands frequently and taking the relevant precautions, cleaning cars, wearing gloves where they can and using hand sanitisers, that is all we can do and he is going to minimise his risk of transmitting the infection and can carry on working.”

Inevitability, some garages have reported a rise in cancellations but with such uncertainty GW is calling on its readers to share their good news stories on how they’re working through the outbreak and helping their local community.

Share your comments, experiences and stories below or email [email protected]. As always’ share any questions you may have about the outbreak and we’ll do our bit to find the answer.

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    We made it a priority to contact our elderly customers and asked them to ring us, should they need anything like shopping, dog walking etc. These customers have been a supportive essential for us over the past 10 years & it’s important to give back.
    Its great to read what other garages are doing. I never thought about the implications of opened drinks, straws, food etc

    As an industry, we really do need to be supportive to one another.

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    paul tatum

    My Diary looks like a kids colouring book with tipex on every page where customers in self isolation are moving their booking two weeks further on and our older customers are bringing their bookings forward fully expecting to go into isolation.Luckily we’ve not had one cancelation so far and are still booked up until the end of the first week in April.Just got to hang in there.

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    Steve pilmoor

    i am keeping my my garage open as usual, i have worn gloves for quite a few years now when getting in cars, today we went to pick up a car for it’s mot as my customer was staying at home due to her age and being diabetic, she was over the moon that i was going the extra mile for her, why not i said, if you can’t help people in these challenging times then you should take a good look at yourself. so long as i can get parts then it should be business as usual

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    Ather Bashir

    Were offering free health checks, tyre repairs and top ups to all NHS staff and Emergency services to help them get to work and home. Just doing our bit to help the community.

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    Some good tips, thanks.
    We are not wiping steering wheels etc, instead putting on nitrile gloves to drive the vehicle, then washing gloves off in a mix of water and meths without taking them off, doing the repair, washing gloves again and road testing. Using the same mix on reception door handles etc.
    If we can keep healthy this could be a good time for independents
    Around here big dealers are shutting down showrooms AND workshops for 12 weeks.
    Customer buys a new car and service package from them for £40K, when they need a service or warranty repair dealership is shut for 3 months. How do they get away with it ?

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