UniClutch shines a light on fast and easy fitment system for installers

Modular design allows for installation on over 5,000 applications

UniClutch shines a light on fast and easy fitment system for installers

Clutch brand UniClutch is highlighting its innovative fitment system to garages and workshops, developed for quick and easy installation, saving time and reducing labour costs.

UniClutch offers an OE upgrade clutch system for increased torque capacity and optimal performance.

The flex fit system and modular design allows for installation on over 5,000 different vehicle makes and models and enables quick and hassle-free clutch spline changes, empowering technicians to swiftly accommodate various vehicle models without extended downtime.

This feature also delivers an easy solution for engine or gearbox swaps that would ordinarily require custom engineered components.

UniClutch is a sealed, preassembled twin-disc clutch that includes a flywheel friction surface, so no flywheel machining is required to reduce installation time, offering value for money, and in some cases is less than half the price of a traditional twin-disc solution.

Julian Patane, product manager at Clutch Industries, said: “UniClutch is half the price of existing (comparable torque) performance clutches. Our forward-thinking, patented clutch technology provides massive torque gain for significantly lower cost, and without the compromise on performance for drivers.”

There are four UniClutch products in the range, UniClutch, UniClutch Sport, UniClutch Track and UniClutch 4Terrain developed for the 4×4 market. Each product offers a performance clutch that is up to three times quieter thanks to its patented radial dampening technology and 50 percent lighter on the pedal for more comfortable gear changes.

The range is available from Alliance Automotive Group (AAG).

You can watch UniClutch’s fast and easy twin disc clutch installation in the NAPA Racing UK team’s Ford Focus here.

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