Fixing a faulty horn on a Tesla Model Y

Solution provided by the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service

Fixing a faulty horn on a Tesla Model Y

The team at the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service was recently presented with an issue on a 2022 Tesla Model Y. The vehicle owner revealed to the technician that when the horn was pressed on the steering wheel, it didn’t make the sound – an obvious problem.

A basic diagnostic check revealed that no supply was present at the horn. Due to the nature of the vehicle and inability to source a fuse, the technician declined the work.


Thankfully, the ALLDATA Repair Info Centre Service experts, following Tesla’s recent integration to the portal, were able to come to the rescue.

Although relatively uncommon, some vehicles can experience an issue with the connector that sits behind the steering wheel, in that it can loosen or even disconnect completely.

The horn on these vehicles is suppled though their body control module, so, as the customer stated that there was no power to the horn, it was likely that the issue was linked to the horn connector.

The first procedure was to disconnect the LV power supply and separate the driver’s airbag from the steering wheel. The next task was to check the connector, as depicted below (Fig 2 and 3), making sure that male and female parts were thoroughly secured together.

The final job was just to reassemble the components, test, and enjoy the sound of a Tesla horn once again.

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