BG Automotive prepares for 2023 steering and suspension demand

More than one million BGA steering and suspension components were shipped in 2022

BG Automotive prepares for 2023 steering and suspension demand
Image: Bigstock.

BG Automotive’s (BGA) product development team has identified 24 steering and suspension references that are set to be in demand this year.

BGA steering and suspension components use OE parameters and tolerances as the mandatory minimum requirements to pass accredited quality controls in its UK head quarters and are now available.

Steering and suspension is one of the most important components of any vehicle as they are responsible in ensuring the vehicle is able to be controlled and allows it to absorb shocks from the imperfect road surfaces.

The suspension system of a vehicle is made up of several parts including but not limited: track control arms, ball joints, stabiliser links, tie rod ends, bushes & strut mounts which can be sourced directly from BGA.

Control arms are especially susceptible to wearing out as they are one of the main components of the suspension system, when this occurs the vehicle will likely experience alignment issues, wheel vibrations and may cause difficulty steering.

It is extremely important to properly diagnose and be able to quickly replace any components as to not decimate customer safety.

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