Introducing DENSO Aftermarket’s hybrid and electric vehicle portfolio

Products cater for more than 7,200 applications and almost 450 makes and models

Introducing DENSO Aftermarket’s hybrid and electric vehicle portfolio

Sales of new energy vehicles (NEV), whether full battery electric (BEV), hybrid (HEV), mild hybrid (MHEV) or even hydrogen fuel cell electric (FCEV), are continuing to grow across Europe.

Underlining its continuing position as a major OE component supplier to vehicle manufacturers globally, DENSO is also highlighting its commitment to the independent sector by demonstrating the diversity of its aftermarket offering.

While there are significant differences when it comes to their power units and drivetrain, there are still many similarities between NEVs and traditional petrol and diesel powered vehicles when it comes to their driving comfort and safety, for example.

Both of these areas are DENSO OE specialisms, which is why there should be no surprise that air-con (AC) products, including cabin filters, and wiper blades, form a large part of its NEV replacement parts offering.

Despite the fact that the AC systems in NEVs and those powered by a traditional combustion engine, have the same function, there are also several distinctions in how they operate, not least the compressor, which is the central component of both.

DENSO’s high voltage aftermarket E-compressors are available for a number of Lexus and Toyota HEV applications. In addition, DENSO condensers are OE fitment with several vehicle manufacturers, while the aftermarket range caters for almost 140 applications.

In addition to ensuring the peak performance of the AC system, premium quality cabin filters also safeguard the health and wellbeing of the vehicle’s occupants, and this is another category where DENSO has a comprehensive aftermarket offering, with application references for more than 730 models from multiple brands.

Finally, wiper blades are naturally common to all vehicle types, so underlining its strength in depth in this safety critical area, DENSO wipers are the OE fitment for more than 6,200 NEV applications.

The complete DENSO NEV offering consists of 626 part numbers across 27 product groups including AC, engine management, filtration, ignition, rotating electrics and wiper blades.

Together, these cater for more than 7,200 applications and almost 450 makes and models encompassing Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, Toyota, Vauxhall/Opel, Volvo and many more.

Click here for further details of these products, as well as the entire DENSO Aftermarket programme.

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