DENSO launches Instagram page live on BBC Radio 2

Launched with the help of the three-time League of True Mechanics UK winner

DENSO launches Instagram page live on BBC Radio 2

Three-time DENSO League of True Mechanics UK award winner, Edd Hunt, was the first post on the new DENSO Instagram page, as he appeared on OJ Borg’s late night BBC Radio 2 show.

Following a chance meeting with OJ after an awards ceremony, the DJ suggested Edd appear on his show to highlight the DENSO League of True Mechanics (LOTM) competition.

Edd said: “I’d been talking to OJ about the win and how I wanted to announce it in a high profile way, and he pitched the idea of me being a guest on the radio show to the production team and, provided we dressed up for the occasion, they approved it.

“So, I went to the BBC Studios to be a guest on the show and had OJ do me the honour of officially announcing the fact that I’ve been ranked number one in the DENSO LOTM UK for three years running, so am now retiring from the competition, but will continue to support it in the capacity of a brand ambassador.”

On the launch of the DENSO Instagram page, pan-European strategic marketing manager, Fatiha Laauich said: “High quality technical training is a priority for DENSO because it’s vital for motorists who rely on the safety and reliability of their vehicles, which is why we are so pleased that Edd not only represents that priority in the industry, but has also raised it on air to consumers.

“It was therefore a fitting first post as we introduce a new way for DENSO to communicate with a wider audience. Social media is an important platform for us as it allows us to reach and inform consumers, while also supporting the needs of our customers, the technicians that install our replacement components and the independent service and repair sector as a whole.”

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