Draper’s range of low profile and quick-lift trolley jacks

A range of weights, colours and styles available

Draper’s range of low profile and quick-lift trolley jacks

Draper Tools has given its workshop equipment category a lift by introducing 11 new trolley jacks with lift capacities of 2, 2.25, 3 and 4 tonnes.

This extensive range is loaded with high-quality safety and functionality features and offers something for every mechanic.

The new trolley jacks are available in different colours and styles. The heavy-duty chassis are all low profile, the lowest needing just 75mm clearance, making them well-suited for use on sports and custom vehicles with reduced clearance heights. They are also easy to manoeuvre; all fitted with rear swivelling castors.

Other beneficial features include an integrated rubber saddle pad to prevent damage to the underside of the vehicle and an EVA foam handle cover to stop panel damage when in use.

2, 2.25 and 3 (Draper) and 4-tonne (Draper Expert) jacks

The wheels of the 2-, 2.25- and 3-tonne Draper jacks are made from durable nylon for a quiet and smooth operation that will not damage your garage floor. These jacks have a quick-lift facility too, built with a powerful twin piston pump for a fast lift enabling them to reach their maximum height efficiently.

The 2.25-, 3- and 4-tonne feature a knurled handgrip on the end of the lifting arm for a more secure hold. For safety, the twin spring return ensures the trolley jacks lowers safely when not under load and the twin safety valve prevents it overloading.

Extra-fast single lift for 3-tonne (Draper Expert) jacks

There are two 3-tonne Draper Expert Trolley Jacks that include all the features mentioned plus they are fitted with an extra-fast single lift pump, that ensures the jack reaches its full height in just 2.5 strokes.

These are available in a choice of colours – green and black. They can also be co-ordinated with matching Draper Expert axle stands.

New range of professional axle stands

For holding loads for longer periods, Draper Tools has also launched a new range of 3-tonne Draper Expert Axle Stands. These feature a hardened steel locking pin; a flat, circular adjustable saddle – offering five height settings between 350-555mm; an integrated rubber saddle pad to prevent slippage and damage to the vehicle; and a wide tripod base for increased stability.

There is a choice of blue, and black and green – which match the two new 3-tonne Draper Expert Trolley Jacks.

Phil Rowley, sales director at Draper Tools said: “This exciting new range of trolley jacks and axle stands is part of our impressive and growing category of automotive tools and equipment. At Draper Tools, we pride ourselves in our extensive research and quality control processes to ensure that we’re offering the right products, taking into consideration feedback from our audience.

“It’s important that we’re continually reviewing and evolving our product range to help ensure we offer our customers the best in terms of functionality, reliability and safety on the market.”

Every trolley jack is manufactured, tested and certified to the current EN1494 standard.

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