EEC helps to upskill distributor network

With two-day aftermarket emissions training

EEC helps to upskill distributor network

EEC manufacturer of aftermarket emissions products, recently delivered a successful two-day training program for a large distributor and their garage network.

This initiative aims to dispel myths about the quality of aftermarket emission parts compared to original equipment (OE). Eight intensive sessions were held, attended by 31 employees representing all 17 of the customer’s locations.

The training was well-received, with participants appreciating the in-depth knowledge shared by EEC’s trainer, Stuart Still. Some attendees even requested a follow-up workshop to delve deeper into technical aspects.

Each participant received a two-year valid training certificate, equipping them to address customer concerns about aftermarket products.

The training program covered:

  • The crucial role of the exhaust system
  • Catalytic converter function
  • Fault diagnosis using a 4-gas analyser
  • Introduction to Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)
  • DPF fault finding and regeneration
  • Type approval regulations

This initiative demonstrates EEC’s commitment to supporting its customers and promoting the quality of aftermarket emission components.

You can find out more about EEC by clicking here.

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