Euro Car Parts tells customers to keep car batteries warm this winter

The company has also produced a winter car care guide

Euro Car Parts tells customers to keep car batteries warm this winter
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With the current cold weather in the UK, LKQ Euro Car Parts has revealed an essential maintenance check needed to avoid a breakdown this winter.

In November and December of previous years, 240,000 breakdowns were attended by the AA, with adverse and icy weather putting vehicles at an increased risk of damage.

A spokesperson for LKQ Euro Car Parts explains why it is crucial to keep a car battery warm, saying: “Winter weather can have a negative effect on car batteries, affecting the chemical process that hold charge.

“Drivers also tend to be using lights and heating within their vehicle more often, which can have an impact on the battery. Grinding or clicking sounds when turning on the ignition could be a sign the battery is at risk of breaking down.

“To keep your battery warm, make sure you are driving your car regularly and keep it in a garage if possible, where it is protected from the chill. If you are having a hard time starting your car, turn off all the electrics and dip the clutch when you turn the key. If you still have problems, get the battery tested by a professional and have a new one fitted if necessary.”

Click here to read Euro Car Parts’ guide to exterior and interior winter car care.

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