GSF Car Parts’ eco friendly solution for batteries and alternators

Elstock rotating electrics from Borg Automotive are made from remanufactured OEM cores

GSF Car Parts’ eco friendly solution for batteries and alternators

GSF Car Parts is offering assistance to motorists impacted by cold weather with its extensive range of affordable rotating electrics.
Studies conducted by Borg Automotive and Linköbing University show that last year, the aftermarket manufacturer sold 60 percent of all starters and alternators in the UK between the months of October and March.

Much of the increased demand for these products can be traced back to battery problems, which are the most common causes for cars not starting quickly or properly in cold weather.
During cold weather, the chemical process that produces and stores electricity inside a battery is compromised and its ability to hold charge is reduced. That bad battery affects the starter and alternator, both of which will experience greater wear and tear as a result.

The belt is more likely to crack or break because of a heavier load, bushes will take more strain due to more power being led through the regulator to the rotor circuit and the heat will increase and affect wear on many other components too.
GSF’s range of Elstock rotating electrics from Borg Automotive are only made from remanufactured OEM cores, making them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. All units are supplied ready to be mounted, with any special instructions for installation included in the box.
Thorough testing ensures the final unit matches OE standards. Furthermore, the environmental saving in producing just 15 remanufactured starters or seven alternators is the equivalent of a petrol car journey from Paris to Berlin.
For garages that prefer to fit new units, GSF Car Parts stocks a wide range of starter motors and alternators from WAI, with many popular references available core free. Similarly, WAI parts undergo a thorough testing regime to provide a quality product that technicians can fit with confidence.
GSF Car Parts chief customer officer Alistair Preston said: “A replacement starter motor or alternator might seem like a surprising and unwanted expense for motorists, which is why the extensive range we stock is the perfect solution.
“Covering 95 percent of the UK car parc, respected brands such as Elstock and WAI provide peace of mind and value for motorists, by providing OE performance at an affordable price point.”
GSF supplies thousands of independent garages and national chains across the UK with quality parts from its network of over 180 branches.

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