Mercedes-Benz tops macsRemote usage figures

Top 10 most-ticketed VMs on macsRemote shows interesting usage trends

Mercedes-Benz tops macsRemote usage figures

Mercedes-Benz have come top of the list as the most ticketed vehicle manufacturer on Hella Gutmann’s macsRemote Services, accounting for 12.2% of all remote diagnostic tickets in the past year.

The majority of these tickets relate to the replacement of front radar and headlight modules.

Top 10 most-ticketed VMs on macsRemote in last 12 months:

 1.     Mercedes-Benz: 12.2%
2.     Volkswagen: 10.2%
3.     Ford: 7.4%
4.     Vauxhall: 7.3%
5.     Nissan: 6.8%
6.     Audi: 5.9%
7.     BMW: 5.2%
8.     Land Rover: 4.9%
9.     Peugeot: 4.1%
10.  Volvo: 3.6%

Hella Gutmann’s macsRemote Services, which has completed thousands of remote diagnostic jobs across 240 vehicle models from 41 manufacturers in the last year. The system provides workshops with the capability to undertake calibrations and coding on vehicles via remote connection. This service allows independent garages to overcome challenges due to lack of data, access authorisations, or newness of vehicles.

Technicians connect the macsRemote vehicle communication interface to the car and create a job ticket via the Hella Gutmann online portal. From here, technical experts can remotely access all the vehicle’s electronic systems and perform the required tasks using vehicle manufacturer diagnostic equipment.

The majority of tickets issued are for vehicles first registered between 2016 and 2022, but macsRemote Services are available on most vehicles manufactured after 2008.

The aim of Hella Gutmann is to empower independent garages with the tools they need to rival the vehicle manufacturer franchised dealer networks.

More information on the macsRemote service can be found here.

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