Solved: Poor air con performance on Kia Sportage

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Solved: Poor air con performance on Kia Sportage

Here, HELLA Tech World solves another problem, this time relating to the air conditioning system on the Kia Sportage (2010-2014).

If the performance of the air conditioning system is inadequate when outside temperatures are high, a faulty evaporator temperature sensor may be the cause.

Incorrectly measured values can cause the evaporator to freeze and block the air flow.

Before replacing the sensor, the air conditioning system should be checked for correct filling quantity, pressures and other possible causes of failure (passenger-compartment air filter, condenser, radiator).

With the help of a diagnostic device, the error memory can be read out and the measured values of the evaporator temperature sensor can be checked.

The temperature sensor is located in the upper right-hand corner of the driver’s footwell. In order to access this, the cover/panelling has to be removed.

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