500kg load capacity engine support bar from Laser Tools

Costs £391.16 plus VAT

500kg load capacity engine support bar from Laser Tools

New from Laser Tools is this robust and fully adaptable engine support bar, which boasts a remarkable 500kg load capacity.

It incorporates four independently adjustable feet on two 870mm-long fore and aft adjustment beams, allowing pivoting on the engine support bar for effortless positioning of the support hook. The foot width is adjustable through 1100mm to 1800mm.

Achieve precise vertical adjustment through an extended threaded bar with a large-handled wing nut for user-friendly operation. The rubber-ended feet prevent slippage and potential damage to paintwork. This package includes an 850mm-long chain.

The Safe Working Load (SWL) is 500kg (1,100lbs).

Ideal for many workshop operations, such as supporting the engine while changing engine mounts or removing the transmission.

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