Compact butane gas-powered torch from Laser Tools

Priced at £27.94 plus VAT

Compact butane gas-powered torch from Laser Tools

The new Laser Tools 8710 is a lightweight and compact butane gas-powered torch that features a piezo-electric ignition system.

It incorporates essential safety features such as a safety lock to prevent unintentional ignition and a flame lock for continuous usage. The refillable gas tank boasts a 12ml capacity, delivering a runtime of approximately 20 to 30 minutes and achieving a maximum temperature of 1300°C.

This versatile torch is useful in a variety of settings, whether at the workshop or at home, and caters to a wide array of tasks.

Use it for heating small components for removal and it’s also very suitable for soldering tasks where a traditional soldering iron may not be suitable. Its safety lock and flame lock mechanisms ensure user security and convenience during operation, and its compact dimensions, measuring 102 x 68 x 35mm, make it highly portable and easy to store.

The torch adheres to safety and quality standards, being CE, TUV, and CPSC compliant, assuring users of its reliability and safety during use.

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