MAHLE help make oil seal installation easier

PTFE seals, unlike conventional rubber seals, require no pre-treatments, simplifying installation while ensuring better performance

MAHLE help make oil seal installation easier

In a departure from conventional rubber seals, MAHLE Aftermarket offers a variety of easy-to-use PTFE oil seals thanks to developments in PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) technology along with professional guidance. Through its Victor Reinz brand, the company also offers a range of tools and best-practice installation assistance.

MAHLE Aftermarket emphasises the importance of precision and adhering to best practices when installing PTFE oil seals. They recommend retaining the plastic sleeve that comes with PTFE oil seals until the seal has been fitted, ensuring shaft cleanliness, avoiding grease or oil, utilising installation tools, and following OEM instructions for seal installation.

To support technicians, MAHLE Aftermarket offers a range of tools through Victor Reinz and technical service bulletins detailing fitment advice. Alan Povey, quality, warranty, and technical representative at MAHLE Aftermarket, says:

“As the automotive industry evolves, it’s crucial for aftermarket professionals to stay updated on the latest technologies and best practices,” “Our transition to PTFE oil seals represents a significant step forward in enhancing reliability and performance in vehicle maintenance. We’re dedicated to providing technicians with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.”

For more information about MAHLE Aftermarket’s PTFE oil seals and installation tools, visit their website here.

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