New rear beam bushes for the Ford Fiesta Mk8 

With Polybush’s solution, there's no need to drop the axle

New rear beam bushes for the Ford Fiesta Mk8 

OE and aftermarket bushes with an oval shell can take an age to install, meaning you’ll spend more time on the job, potentially costing the workshop money.

The Polybush rear axle bush (40CN) replaces part number 2422133 and is available for the Ford Fiesta Mk8 and Ford Puma.

Benefits include:

Ease of fitment: Installation of the original and aftermarket bushes with an oval shell can be a lengthy process, but this is not the case with 40CN

Durability and longevity: Polybush 40CN is built to last. Its polyurethane composition ensures longevity, reducing the frequency of bushing replacements and saving your customers money.

Customer satisfaction: Your customers will love the improved ride quality and the fact that their vehicles handle better than ever. Happy customers mean repeat business and referrals.

Reduced maintenance hassles: Say goodbye to frequent bushing replacements. By recommending Polybush 40CN, you’re saving your customers the time, money and inconvenience of repeated repairs.

Enhanced vehicle performance: Installing Polybush 40CN rear beam bushings significantly improves a car’s handling, stability and control. Your customers will experience a drive like never before.

Showcase your expertise: By offering solutions like Polybush 40CN, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and stay ahead in the competitive automotive service industry.

Give Polybush a call on 01978 664316 or visit their website for more information on how 40CN or any of the other suspension bushes for the Fiesta Mk8 or Puma can benefit your business and customers.

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