Ring help raise awareness with Tyre Safe

Pressure and depth checks have been conducted with the help of West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Ring help raise awareness with Tyre Safe

Ring, in partnership with Tyre Safe and the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service, has been conducting tyre pressure and tread depth checks, revealing alarming results.

As part of a series of trial events organised by Tyre Safe to raise awareness of tyre safety, Ring has been checking tyres at regular car washes hosted by the Fire and Rescue Service in West Yorkshire.

Out of nearly 80 cars checked at two of the six events held so far, 40 had issues with tread depth or tyre pressure, indicating that over half of the vehicles tested were not up to safe or legal standards.

Ring’s Marketing Director, Henry Bisson, said:

“The results we found from the two events we’ve attended so far are shocking, more than half of the cars we’ve looked at did not have the correct tread depth or pressure, which means that reflecting these results countrywide, there are many vehicles on the roads that are dangerous without the driver being aware of it.

“This event is so important to be a part of, because drivers need to be more aware of the state of their tyres, and by us attending these events, showing them tyre inflators or tyre tread depth gauges, they can see how easy it is to do, and hopefully be more vigilant in checking their tyres.

The drivers were receptive to the advice given and shared their views on car maintenance, providing valuable insights. Ring looks forward to attending the remaining events with Tyre Safe and the Fire Service to continue shedding light on this crucial issue.

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