Schaeffler launches new range of INA auxiliary water pumps

Electric auxiliary water pumps are an essential part of modern engines

Schaeffler launches new range of INA auxiliary water pumps

Schaeffler has introduced a range of electric auxiliary water pumps under the INA brand. The range meets OEM standards and offers wide coverage of the European vehicle parc.

Efficient and reliable engine cooling solutions are essential to ensure optimum operating temperatures and thermal load on critical components. Thermal management is becoming more challenging as electric vehicles can place higher demands on the cooling system, while also increasing system complexity.

Auxiliary water pumps can play a major role in after-run, fuel and turbocharger cooling. They are also essential for cooling the high-voltage battery and the inverter in hybrid and electric vehicles.

“The launch of our auxiliary water pump program represents an important milestone as we continue to focus our thermal management program towards the future.” said Maik Evers, head of product management powertrain systems at Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket.

“Our new portfolio of high-quality auxiliary water pumps offers professional repair solutions for a large number of vehicles to guarantee maximum functionality and reliability.”

Initially, Schaeffler is launching eleven INA auxiliary water pumps for high-volume vehicles from manufacturers including Toyota and Volkswagen. The range will be expanded during 2024 and beyond.

One highlight is a pump for Toyota, Volvo and Lexus models used for hybrid inverter cooling (part number 539 0006 10). Pumps launched for the Volkswagen Audi Group manage additional cooling of the water circuit and after-run cooling when the engine is switched off (part numbers 539 0010 10 and 539 0014 10).

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