Snap-on unveils new four tonne alignment scissor lift

SSL 6400 is lastest lift to be added to Sun line-up of vehicle lifts

Snap-on unveils new four tonne alignment scissor lift

The Sun SSL 6400 alignment scissor lift 4T is a brand-new addition to Snap-on’s Sun line of garage equipment.

Available now, the 4.8m alignment scissor lift is intended primarily for use in small garages and tyre centres.

With long rear slips and configurable infills, the turntable positioning can be changed to fit a variety of vehicles, from cars to light commercials.

The SSL 6400 has a lifting range of 230mm and 1900mm and has a certified maximum lifting capacity of 4000kg.

It is available for installation in recess or surface-mount configurations.

It has low-profile platforms engineered with high planeness to guarantee that wheels will be perfectly aligned when a vehicle is on the lift.

The scissor construction has several benefits over two and four post systems, including taking up less space in the workshop and preventing post obstruction, Snap-on says.

Accessing the alignment and calibration points while being able to access and view wheel alignment systems is made simple by the lift’s open-front design.

Four independently programmable LED light strips that are included as standard provide illumination for important inspection and adjustment areas.

Pneumatic locks are part of the quad electro-hydraulic ram system for increased stability and safety between the platforms.

The 3.5kW motor lifts a full load in less than 55 seconds when operating at 24V.

The SSL 6400 is the most recent lift to be added to the Sun line-up of vehicle lifts including the SVL Series of two-post lifts, MOT/ATL/alignment four-post lifts, SSL6350 one person test lane scissor lift, SSL33 mid-rise portable scissor lift and SSL3000 full height scissor lift.

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