Making sense of DVSA’s new ADAS guidance

TEXA's guidance relating to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Making sense of DVSA’s new ADAS guidance

Designed to guarantee safety and comfort while driving, certain ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are mandatory with additional elements such as electronic rear-view mirrors fitted to the latest generation vehicles.

Cameras and radar sensors must be recalibrated when repaired or replaced. Knowing how to intervene in this field is a strategic requirement for ensuring commercial vehicles operate safely and efficiently.

In the latest edition of ‘Guide to maintaining roadworthiness’, section 5.6, the DVSA states: “It is vital that all maintenance activities associated with ADAS are completed by a competent person. It is important that the vehicle manufacturers’ technical specifications are met to reinstate the correct function of ADAS features. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to use On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) equipment to verify the correct operation of some ADAS systems.”

When should cameras and sensors be checked for calibration?

  • When a windscreen is replaced/repaired
  • If an accident has occurred
  • Repair or adjustment of the suspension
  • Engine control unit change/error

TEXA’s solutions for LCV/HGV ADAS

Some commercial vehicle makes need appropriate equipment to properly calibrate the multifunctional cameras, radars and sensors that control essential systems such as, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning and the emergency braking system.

CCS2 dynamics is TEXA’s latest mobile solution for the calibration of light commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. It is compact, stable, and can be easily disassembled and transported in a small van, making it ideal for commercial windscreen fitters.

The brain behind TEXA’s CCS2 solution is the latest multi-brand diagnostic tablet, AXONE Voice. The truck and LCV software includes both static and dynamic calibration functions and combined with the CCS2 and TXT Multihub provides an ideal solution for the calibration of ADAS systems.

The CCS2 utilises Bluetooth Distance Measurers which communicate directly with TEXA’s IDC5 software which guarantees correct positioning though a guided procedure.

TEXA also offers the IMI accredited training course ‘Diagnosis and Calibration of Driver Assistance Systems for Truck’. This course focuses on the latest technologies being implemented by vehicle manufacturers for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) in heavy vehicles.

The course begins with Driver Assistance Systems familiarisation, the technologies and equipment required to perform their check, maintenance and repair. Calibration of cameras, radars and sensors by using the dedicated equipment; using diagnostic techniques to reset the Driver Assistance Systems, check for possible malfunctions and find solutions.

To see more information on TEXA’s CCS2 solutions, please click here.

Alternatively, you can request a demonstration by emailing [email protected].

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