Valeo to celebrate 20 years of stop-start with IMI event

Spaces are limited, so IMI-members are urged to register early to secure a free spot

Valeo to celebrate 20 years of stop-start with IMI event

Valeo Service UK will commemorate two decades of stop-start technology with an exclusive IMI-member event at its training centre in Redditch on 12 March.

Valeo introduced stop-start technology in 2004, initially debuting on the Citroen C4. Known as the ‘starter alternator reversible system’ (StARS), it used sensors to monitor battery charge and measure accelerator, clutch and brake pedal engagement, automatically shutting down and restarting the engine under the right conditions.

The innovation offered substantial reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, and quickly gained significant traction.

“This milestone not only commemorates 20 years of innovation but also serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to advancing automotive technology,” said Stewart Lynch, technical trainer at Valeo Service UK.

“We aim to provide IMI members with valuable insights into the evolution of stop-start technology and showcase the latest advancements, including the revolutionary 48-volt integrated belt starter generator (i-BSG) system.”

Valeo has continued to lead the way over the last 20 years with the development of i-StARS, ReStart, and – most recently – 48-volt i-BSG stop-start systems. The 48-volt i-BSG acts as a regenerative braking system, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy during deceleration and storing it in the vehicle’s battery for later use, such as a power boost during acceleration.

“Stop-start systems play a fundamental part in helping vehicle manufacturers meet increasingly stringent emission legislations,” said Stephen Knight, product manager at Valeo Service UK.

“Not only has this technology long been reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel consumption, Valeo’s latest innovation means we’re continuing to shape the future of sustainable mobility.”

The evening event will open with a quiz to gauge the general understanding of stop-start technology before diving into a comprehensive summary of its evolution over the last two decades. The session follows the recent success of Valeo’s highly popular dual clutch technology evenings held last year.

With limited spaces available, IMI-members interested in attending are urged to register early to secure a free spot by emailing their details to [email protected].

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