ZF Aftermarket UK enhances [pro]Tech training with new Nissan Leaf

Training adapted to current industry needs and demand

ZF Aftermarket UK enhances [pro]Tech training with new Nissan Leaf

In response to the growing demand for expertise in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration, ZF Aftermarket’s [pro]Tech garage network has introduced a Nissan Leaf training vehicle, aiming to address the significant skills gap in the industry.

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has released data revealing a pressing need for EV-qualified technicians, with only 15,400 TechSafe technicians in the UK as of 2020, representing just 6.5 percent of the automotive sector.

By 2030, the government’s Road to Zero deadline anticipates a surge in zero-emissions vehicles, requiring an estimated 90,000 automotive technicians. However, the IMI predicts a shortfall of 35,700 technicians by that time.

The skills gap for ADAS qualification is equally pronounced, with an estimated 3,500 ADAS-qualified technicians currently in the UK, resulting in a projected void of approximately 18,000 technicians, which is expected to grow rapidly to 56,000 by 2030, as 44 percent of the UK car parc is set to have Level 2 autonomy by this time frame.

The IMI suggests, therefore, that 105,000 technicians must be qualified to work with ADAS-equipped vehicles by 2030 to meet demand.

The new Nissan Leaf training vehicle will facilitate the delivery of IMI Level 2 and 3 qualifications for hybrid and electric vehicle repair, as well as calibration and diagnosis of ADAS systems.

Stuart McLeod, technical support and training lead at ZF Aftermarket UK, commented:”The addition of the Nissan Leaf training vehicle highlights our commitment to providing essential industry qualifications to the industry via our [pro]Tech garage network.

“With over one million electric vehicles now registered on UK roads, it’s imperative that technicians are equipped with the skills to service these vehicles effectively.”

Training sessions will be conducted at ZF Aftermarket’s Blyth Valley facility in Shirley, West Midlands.

Moreover, the Nissan Leaf will serve as a focal point for the upcoming international ‘Train the Trainer’ event, to be hosted in the UK for the first time.

This event will enable international passenger car training teams to experience ZF’s ADAS training course firsthand, ensuring the seamless delivery of [pro]Tech training courses in 2025.

McLeod added: “This initiative sets us apart as a professional training provider in the automotive sector. Our ability to deliver these IMI qualifications positions us as leaders in preparing technicians for the future of automotive technology.”

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