DVSA to make technical information available for testers

Agency responds to calls to make vehicle specific tech data available on the MOT testing service

DVSA to make technical information available for testers
Users of the MOT Testing Service are asked to continue leaving feedback. Image: Bigstock.

Following the switchover to the new MOT testing service, vehicle specific information (VSI) has been limited.

On the old MOT system, the DVSA provided information such as VIN location, brake testing weight, ABS presence and lighting test sequence and the type of roller brake test required.

However after a review of the data during the switchover, the information has been revised and is to be gradually reintroduced into the new MOT testing service.

The DVSA said: “We always intended to make more technical information about specific vehicles available on the MOT testing service.

“Unfortunately, this has taken us a little longer than we originally planned.”

The agency has asked test stations to leave feedback about what technical information they need on the testing service.

Proposed information currently being considered by the DVSA includes whether a vehicle can be roller brake tested, how to test electro mechanical parking brake systems, anti-lock braking system lamp operation, adaptive air suspension, tyre pressure monitoring systems and original fitment of CATs and DPFs.

What information do you need and what priorities should be given to the data proposed? Share your comments and any concerns below.

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