DVSA’s free replacement MOT certificate service goes live for motorists

Vehicles owners going to a garage for a duplicate "was seen as a real burden", claims agency

DVSA’s free replacement MOT certificate service goes live for motorists
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The DVSA has this week launched a new service which allows vehicle owners to print a replacement MOT certificate.

Duplicate certificates are now available for owners of motorcycles, cars and passenger vehicles to view and save their MOT certificate as a PDF.

Certificates issued since 20 May 2018 are now available on the service including both pass and fails.

“A better way”

Grant Thunder, MOT testing service product specialist at DVSA, said: “We knew from feedback from motorists that there was a need to make obtaining duplicates easier – having to physically go to garages was seen as a real burden.

“Longer term, we want to help motorists understand that they don’t need the paper certificate most of the time.

“But in the meantime, we were hearing that there needed to be a better way of getting a duplicate.”

The new service is part of the overall MOT history service and the option to view the certificate appears alongside the test record in the vehicle’s MOT history.

Motorists will need to enter their vehicle registration number and the 11-digit reference number, with no spaces, from the V5C to use the service.

£6M saving for motorists

Roads Minister Jesse Norman said: “Motorists could save up to £6 million a year now it’s easier than ever to get copies of MOT certificates for their vehicles.

“This is part of a government drive to keep costs down for motorists and remove unnecessary barriers to getting out and about safely.”

Despite the new free service, the DVSA has confirmed that MOT centres will still be able to charge up to £10 for a duplicate certificate.

“Saves them time and money”

Neil Barlow, the DVSA’s head of vehicle engineering, said: “DVSA’s priority is to help everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive.

“We want to make sure that motorists have the information they need to keep their vehicle safe to drive.

“The free copy MOT certificate service gives motorists choice and saves them time and money.

“The service will also help us to protect motorists by giving them a free alternative to businesses that charge for a copy MOT certificate online.”

It’s hoped the new service will help combat unofficial websites which charge motorists for replica certificates.

The DVSA has said it will be expanding the service to include certificates for lorries, buses and trailers later in the year.

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