MOT consultation to be extended by three weeks

DfT extends end date for feedback to proposed MOT changes to March 22

MOT consultation to be extended by three weeks
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A consultation into proposed MOT frequency changes and other MOT updates is to be extended by three weeks, Garage Wire understands.

It follows industry calls to extend the consultation period amid concerns that six-weeks was not long enough to provide the DfT with comprehensive road safety evidence.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport said: “I am writing to let you know that after feedback from stakeholders we are extending the end date for returns to March 22.

“We hope this additional three weeks will give trade groups and businesses the time to compile additional information for the call for evidence section in particular.”

The consultation concerns fresh 4-1-1 MOT plans, which would chnge the date at which the first MOT for cars is required from three to four years

The DfT says the change would “save motorists across Great Britain around £100 million a year” in MOT fees.

The consultation also seeks views on the frequency of MOTs and how to improve monitoring of emissions to tackle pollution to bolster the environmental efficiency of vehicles.

Potential new measures include introducing testing of pollutants such as particulate number (PN) and NOx to ensure diesel, petrol and hybrid cars always meet emissions requirements throughout their lifespan.

Among the proposals, the consultation will consider whether electric vehicles’ batteries should be tested to improve the safety and reliability of EVs, if additional measures should be introduced to tackle excessively loud engines, and how the DVSA can continue to crack down against MOT and mileage fraud.

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