Ford Fiesta Mk6 front wishbone polyurethane bushes

The Polybush bushes also fit the Ford Fusion and Mazda 2

Ford Fiesta Mk6 front wishbone polyurethane bushes

The Ford Fiesta Mk6 is one of those vehicles that often misses out on essential maintenance, leading to problems further down the line.

Polybush offers a solution in the form of Kit 190, which is designed for both track day enthusiasts and those who are after a fit-and-forget solution.

Availability and customisation

Although the 40BU and 40BL replace OEM parts, it’s worth noting that the original bushes aren’t available from Ford. Instead, they come as part of the standard 1436095 wishbone assembly.

The 40BU is designed to provide impressive steering precision without compromising on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), while ensuring unparalleled handling and responsiveness.

Why buy Polybush?

Crafted with a focus on low NVH, the Polybush 40BU, 40BL and 40BQ work in harmony to deliver a smoother and quieter ride. The front wishbone’s precision is maintained where it counts, allowing drivers to experience driving excellence in any situation.

For those who enjoy the occasional track day, the polyurethane construction of the 40BU, 40BL and 40BQ provides superior responsiveness and control during spirited driving.

Rubber versus polyurethane

Delve into the comparison between rubber and polyurethane to understand the lasting benefits of Polybush. While rubber may degrade over time, the durability and resilience of polyurethane – as seen in the 40BU, 40BL and 40BQ – ensure consistent performance under all driving conditions.

As well as the Ford Fiesta Mk6 (2002-2008), the 40BU, 40BL and 40BQ also fit the Ford Fusion (2002-2012) and Mazda 2 (2002-2007).

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