Watch: Andy Savva draws parallels between a ‘full English’ and a ‘full service’

Motorists 'not capable of comparing apples with oranges', it's down to garages to educate them, Garage Inspector explains

Watch: Andy Savva draws parallels between a ‘full English’ and a ‘full service’

Renowned industry expert, Andy Savva has released a new video for independent garage owners in which he relates a ‘full service’ to a ‘full English breakfast’.

In his latest video, Andy said: “The full English breakfast has no clear definition of what’s in it, just like a full service and this is where confusion and misunderstanding often arises.

“We have made it all up.

“The full service, the gold service, the A service, the b service, the platinum service’ and whatever else.

“You must be confident to explain the price differences from the cheap offerings down the road.

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“You can only do that if you’re proactive and know the market place you are in.

“In the end we’re all governed by the consumer’s perception of the quality of service at a reasonable and competitive price which represents value for money.

“The vehicle owner is not capable of comparing apples with oranges.

“It’s our collective responsibility to educate our customers about the local, honest, transparent quality service we can provide as independent garage owners.”

Also known as The Garage Inspector, Andy has owned and managed successful garages since 1994.

He founded Brunswick Garage back in 2010, successfully demonstrating that an independent garage could rival national chains and main dealers on customer service and technical expertise. In just 18 months, Brunswick Garage reached the final 5 in The National Independent Garage of the Year Award, organised by Motor Trader Magazine.

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    Peter Miles

    I haven’t watched the video yet so Andy may well have covered this but in my garage we do what the manufacturers schedule says. Simple as that although obviously when checking brakes, suspension etc. we also undertake to carry out any repairs/replacements necessary AFTER consulting with the customer.
    But I’ve seen too many places who change, as an example, the fuel filter every year when it might be on a 40,000 mile service interval but never change the brake fluid or cabin filter.
    A standing joke in my area with one supplier is when a particularly rubbish local garage owner (since left the business thank God!) phoned in and asked for a “full service kit” for a car one of the staff said “What’s he want then? A litre of oil and a clean rag?”

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