AA app helps motorists identify dashboard warning lights

Recovery service attends 17,000 warning light-related call-outs a month

AA app helps motorists identify dashboard warning lights
More men just turn ignition off and on and hope for best.

An AA-Populus survey of 21,201 AA members found that more than half of drivers would stop to consult their handbook if a red warning light came on, while a quarter would call their breakdown provider for assistance.

Men are more likely to turn the ignition off and on in the hope that the light clears, while women are more likely to phone a friend or family member for advice.

Four per cent would risk their safety or further damage by continuing to drive before getting it checked at a garage; and others said they would ignore it.

With more than 1 in 8 respondents without access to the vehicle handbook, the AA has compiled details on around 1,000 warning lights in its free AA app to help drivers in difficulty.

Max Holdstock, AA patrol of the year, said: “Although most warning light symbols are standardised, many are not, and with some car dashboards resembling the Starship Enterprise, it’s no wonder that some drivers are left bewildered.

“As a rule, red warning lights indicate a potentially serious problem, so stop the car as soon as it’s safe; and amber or yellow mean it’s ok to proceed but some action – servicing or repair – is required, so you should contact a garage as soon as possible.”

The free AA app is available for iPhone on the ‘App Store’ and for Android smartphones on ‘Google play’.

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