AA leaves BMW at service station with key placed under wheel arch

Wade Hassan's car was left unattended for two nights

AA leaves BMW at service station with key placed under wheel arch

The AA has apologised to a customer after his BMW was parked at a service station for two nights with the key left under the wheel arch.

Wade Hassan called the breakdown organisation after his modified BMW developed a fault.

He told The Sun: “This is an expensive vehicle and is an in-your-face show car which has had extensive work done on it. It attracts attention.

“I can’t believe it was left overnight with the key fob unprotected like this.

“I know everything that happened as it is fitted with a tracker and I even contacted people who worked at the service stations and they confirmed it was unloaded and left standing.

“I wouldn’t expect this from the AA and I understand they sub-contracted the delivery to other companies. But when I complained about the risk of doing this to my car I was shocked to find out that this was the procedure they followed.”

The AA has apologised to the customer and offered compensation but has insisted that leaving the key on a tyre is standard practice. A spokesperson for the company said:

“We have spoken to Mr Hassan to offer our apologies for some communication issues during the recovery of his vehicle and have reinforced our apology with an offer of compensation.

“It is standard practice across the recovery industry for drivers to be given the choice of whether they would like to travel with their vehicle in the recovery truck or have it recovered unaccompanied and have the keys left in an agreed location. 

“In this instance, the member chose to leave their vehicle and it was recovered unaccompanied within the timeframe given in our terms and conditions.”

Source: The Sun


  1. Who pays if the vehicle is stolen? Certainly not the owners insurance company who would repudiate any theft claims on the grounds of a contractual obligation to protect the vehicle from loss or damage. Great to see the AA confirming this is standard practice and hope your drivers are constantly checking their rear view mirrors for thief’s following their recovery vehicles and the potentially easy pickings at the end of the journey.

  2. Well to be frank, it is ‘standard practice’… it’s been done for donkeys years in the trade. It has to be said though that most garages these days have a key slot – safe but if not, what else can the recovery driver do if it’s out of hours ?!

    • Definitely been happening for many years.

  3. Lucky they have not said where they really out them!!!


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