Apec alerts motorists to the dangers of brake disc wear

Minimum thickness is the prescribed wear limit for replacement of a disc and is vitally important to safety

Apec alerts motorists to the dangers of brake disc wear
Apec shares its expertise on disc brake minimum thickness.

The minimum thickness of a brake disc is determined by the vehicle manufacturer during the design of each particular vehicle
and it defines the thickness at which a brake disc must be replaced because it can no longer deliver the braking performance required of it.

Apec discs are manufactured in line with the original disc parameters.

When the manufacturer designs the brake disc other factors are taken into consideration such as heat dissipation and caliper and pad retention.

As the thickness of a disc is reduced, so does the capacity to absorb and dissipate heat.

If the pads are also worn to a minimum thickness, the caliper can over extend thus giving the potential of a lack of support and brake drag or lock, which then builds up heat in the system, which in turn could cause brake fluid evaporation and ultimately brake failure.

The brake disc minimum thickness is vitally important to road safety, as indeed is the minimum tyre tread depth, exceeding either of these limits can negate the benefit of good brakes.

A braking system which is not operating at its optimum can render useless a vehicle’s other active safety systems.

Indications that suggest discs are below the wear limit:
  • Steering wheel wobble
  • Brake fade
  • Long brake pedal travel due to thermal and/or mechanical overload
  • Brake disc anneals
  • Structural transformation
  • Friction ring can break away from the hub

Supplying the motor trade for over 30 years, Apec Braking is firmly established as a leading specialist braking supplier to motor factors throughout the UK and Ireland.

To find out more about Apec, follow the ‘More Details’ link below.

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