Apec shine a light on backing plates with genuine quality

Using the best materials available and most modern processes to match or exceed the performance of OE

Apec shine a light on backing plates with genuine quality
Friction material plays a big role in braking performance but Apec says it's important to consider the entire braking system when manufacturing quality parts.

Apec Braking provide brake components to cars in excess of 100,000 miles, where components have already started to wear.

By fitting parts that do not match OE specification, Apec say you are adding to the problem and enhancing the chances of future issues and failures.

Friction material plays a huge role, but to manufacture a genuine quality item such as a brake pad, one needs to look outside the boundaries of pure stopping power and study the product as a whole.

Without effective backing plates the friction material would have nothing to cling to, it would also have nowhere to transfer the braking force and energy generated when pad meets brake disc.

As one of the few specialist braking suppliers who manufacturer and press their very own backing plates, Apec control the entire manufacturing process of all components that make up a brake pad.

If a backing plate is not manufactured to OE tolerances the entire braking system is fallible, and thus quality is as imperative for this element as any other, regardless of the general consensus.

Apec say that cheaper rivals use backing plates as a key ingredient for reducing costs, by shaving off a few micros from each plate.

Inferior plates have reduced strength and more pertinently and will not meet manufacture tolerances, which can lead to noise, vibration and increased susceptibility to failure.

Apec continually adapt, test and improve the production of each component until they exceed the performance of the original item they are destined to replace.

Rather than industrial, baked adhesives, Apec stamp the mechanical fixing the friction material will adhere to. It will also include, dependent upon application, mounting points for callipers.

With the backing plate degreased a spray on adhesive is applied alongside the mechanical fixing points; the friction material is then pressed and allowed to cure.

Apec then fix a high quality, steel and rubber shim so they can attach piston clips and wear indicators as well as reduce heat transfer.

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