Approved garages criticise fake review culture

Study shows unnamed businesses are writing bogus reviews to boost ratings and mislead consumers

Approved garages criticise fake review culture
Approved Garages confirms that it welcomes and publishes every customer review received.

Approved Garages has voiced its dismay at the findings of a study compiled by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), which said unnamed companies are writing fake reviews of their own services and writing or commissioning fake negative reviews of the services of competitors.

The CMA warned that some of the practices it uncovered may be illegal and has launched an investigation.

Nisha Arora, a senior director at the CMA, said: “Millions of people look at online reviews and endorsements before making decisions.

“We are committed to ensuring that consumers’ trust in these important information tools is maintained, and will take enforcement action where necessary to tackle unlawful practices.”

Approved Garages network manager Phil Seymour said: “We welcome all reviews because all customer feedback highlights areas for improvement and gives us the opportunity to improve our service to motorists, which in turn promotes trust and loyalty.

“It’s part of our promise to customers that if they take their car to one of our garage members and write a review of the service they receive we will publish it, and it doesn’t matter if it is positive, negative or somewhere in-between.”

It is by listening to the honest feedback of customers, rather than cherry picking good reviews and ignoring bad, that the Approved Garages network has achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rating with Motor Codes, the Trading Standards approved self-regulatory body for the motor industry, Seymour adds.

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