Are you working out of hours?

CarVue's Alex Knight discusses the benefits of working away from the office

Are you working out of hours?
More and more garage owners are undertaking work at home, taking service bookings in the evening and keeping track of accounts.

CarVue’s free web-based garage management system enables business owners to make service bookings, check the next day’s diary, catch up on accounts or simply use the reporting functions to analyse business performance when at home.

Alex Knight explained that the opportunity to undertake work outside the business can free up time during opening hours.

According to Ofcom, more than 90 per cent of adults in the UK own a mobile-phone, with the average smart phone user checking their emails by 7.30am.

With such data, it can make sense to arrange bookings in the evenings, when your customers will also be online.

CarVue data suggests that this is exactly what many users are doing, access the CarVue system out-of-hours.

Alex said: “CarVue is accessible on smart phones which means garage owners can log onto the system anywhere including on their smart phones at home in the evening.

“Being able to access your garage’s operational software out-of-hours or on your smartphone as well as being able to undertake other elements of the business such as bidding for new stock via the online auctions can make your life easier.

“Arguably, it is less stressful because you don’t have the same pressures that a working day brings, there are no customers queuing at your reception desk, no telephone ringing with customers wanting to make a service booking or check the progress of work on their vehicle, no members of staff wanting to ask you questions or sign off a piece of work and no suppliers calling you up to tell you about their latest bit of kit which your business simply cannot do without.”

Do you work at home in the evenings and if so, what elements of your business do you undertake out-of-hours? Share your comments below.

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