Alpine joins The Motor Ombudsman New Car Code

More than 40 vehicle manufacturers adhere to the comprehensive Code

Alpine joins The Motor Ombudsman New Car Code

The Motor Ombudsman has started the new year by welcoming Alpine, the sports car brand, to its long-established Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Motor Industry Code of Practice for New Cars.

The vehicle manufacturer joins a portfolio of more than 40 marques that today follow the comprehensive guidelines outlined by the long-established Code when supplying new vehicles to customers.

Adhering to the New Car Code demonstrates Alpine’s commitment to delivering high standards of service, beyond those required by law, in the provision of new cars, and in relation to the coverage offered by its three-year, 60,000-mile new car warranty.

Through the performance brand’s accreditation to The Motor Ombudsman, customers will have the reassurance that when purchasing an A110 model, any promotional and advertising collateral will be fully accurate and transparent, cars will be of the very highest standards, replacement parts will be readily available to repairers, and warranty documents will be presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

In addition, Alpine owners will equally have the added peace of mind that the manufacturer’s dedicated UK-based customer care team will have fair, swift and cost-effective internal complaints handling procedures in place, should a dispute ever arise.

In the event that a complaint cannot be concluded to a consumer’s satisfaction through Alpine’s own internal processes, the vehicle manufacturer, via its Motor Ombudsman accreditation, is then able to signpost the customer to a fully independent and impartial, automotive sector-specific Ombudsman, and a CTSI-certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body.

An added benefit of using The Motor Ombudsman’s service, is that the entire process from when a complaint is logged, to when a decision is made, either by an adjudicator and/or an ombudsman, is at no cost to consumers.

Furthermore, accreditation gives Alpine a whole host of other benefits, such as full use of The Motor Ombudsman and CTSI-approved Code logos on customer-facing literature, paperwork and online collateral and websites, being able to participate in exclusive webinars and industry meetings to gain the latest insight into best practice in customer relationship and complaint handling, and having added learning opportunities through tailored training courses in the spheres of ADR and key UK consumer legislation, amongst other subjects.

Alpine is showcased on The Motor Ombudsman’s website, while the brand will also be promoted through The Motor Ombudsman’s PR and marketing activities, which are designed to highlight the importance of consumers using accredited businesses when purchasing a vehicle or when having it maintained.

In addition, the renowned marque will have the opportunity to be cast into the spotlight as part of The Motor Ombudsman’s Customer Service Star Awards, where vehicle owners will be able to nominate Alpine for examples of excellence and going the extra mile when in touch with the vehicle manufacturer’s head office.

Bill Fennell, chief ombudsman and managing director of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “We are very
pleased to welcome Alpine to our New Car Code, and they are a valued addition to our expanding

“As new entrants come into the UK’s automotive market during the coming months, we are
expecting to see a growing number of businesses apply for accreditation, to signal to consumers their
desire to follow best practice in terms of the products and services that they offer, as well as their drive for high standards throughout the customer purchase and ownership experience.”

Nicola Burnside, head of Alpine UK, added: “We are very proud to begin 2024 as a Motor Ombudsman accredited vehicle manufacturer, and our commitment to the New Car Code is aligned with our core values of exceeding customer expectations, and delivering the best possible brand experience that Alpine is ultimately known for.

“Having The Motor Ombudsman on-hand will serve as an important resource for our business in terms of learning and best practice, to be able to further develop our in-house processes, to ensure they are as effective as possible when interacting with our growing customer base. We look forward to our teams working together, and to Alpine becoming an integral part of this important industry body.”

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