offers free subscription to garages and mobile mechanics

Website reports rise in number of motorists looking for maintenance and repairs to be carried out at home offers free subscription to garages and mobile mechanics
AutoAdvisor has updated its website based on customer feedback.

With the coronavirus pandemic evolving rapidly, UK car repair web site, is working hard to offer more contactless servicing options to motorists, by offering a free subscription to garages and mobile mechanics during this crisis.

In new social distancing measures announced on 23 March, all non-essential retail businesses were forced to close.

But due to the role that independent garages play in supporting the public sector emergency workers, garages are exempt from closure.

With an increasing number of people working from home, the AutoAdvisor website has seen a rise in motorists looking for maintenance and mechanical repairs to be carried out in a ‘contactless’ way at home.

Across the country, is working closely with mobile mechanics and garages to address these requests. is also encouraging garages to offer a collection and delivery service whereby a garage will collect a vehicle, carry out an MOT, service and/or repair and then bring the vehicle back.

Alex Taylor, founder, said: “It is important during this time that the relationship between the garage and motorist is strong and we are urging garages to embrace the change and do what they can to make their customers feel at ease.

“It’s an unprecedented situation, but we’re confident that if we pull together as an industry and prepare properly to position ourselves well, we can emerge strongly when the significance of the pandemic begins to ease.

“Although the future is uncertain, we’re still seeing motorists requiring car repair work and garages busy and we will continue to offer all customers opportunities to quote and gain business and help motorists staying at home.”

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