Garage network AutoAdvisor reveals all in Q&A

GW speaks to founder of garage lead generation website to find out more about the service

Garage network AutoAdvisor reveals all in Q&A

With over 100 garages now signed up to, GW speaks founder Alex Taylor to find out more.

Q. What is AutoAdvisor?

A. is a new online service designed to help drive business to garages by matching them with motorists who need to get their car fixed, in a hassle-free and cost-effective way

Q. What spurred you to get AutoAdvisor in motion?

A. As a motor factor working with garages for more than 20 years, we recognised the need for the independent automotive aftermarket to promote itself better. For motorists AutoAdvisor aims to remove the hassle out of finding a professional garage and for garages, it aims to bring a new customer to the business.

Q. Is there a cost involved?

A. AutoAdvisor is free for motorists and there is an annual membership cost for garages of just £275. This equates to just 75pence a day for garages to promote themselves to new customers. does not interfere with the financial transaction between the garage and motorist.

Q. Price comparison sites, aggregators and third party work providers are met with mixed reception in the trade – why are you so different?

A. I don’t like the term price comparison sites. It’s not a race to the bottom for us. Some of the existing aggregators are focused on the lower end of the market. With AutoAdvisor, it’s about responding to the growing trend of consumers acquiring products and services digitally. The automotive aftermarket is no exception.

With new car sales dropping, VMs’ attention always turns to the aftermarket and we want to play a part in securing the industry’s future. Garages are in complete control of the process, we don’t dictate where and from whom they buy their parts from and also what to charge motorists. The aim is to ensure garages are free to focus on customer service.

Q. What type of businesses are joining AutoAdvisor and how do you differ from the competition?

A. We are seeing an increasing number of established garages join our network. Many aggregator sites are dominated by mobile mechanics and start-ups but we are seeing a real mixture of garages coming on board.

We also don’t want dealerships or any other business type trying to take business away from independent garages. We are promoting the Your Car – Your Choice campaign and we proudly cover the independent automotive aftermarket.

Q. How easy is it to find a quote?

A. We’re continually looking at evolving the website to make it easy for both garages and motorists. Motorists simply enter their vehicle registration, post code and create an account to start receiving quotes from local garages.

Q. What areas does AutoAdvisor cover?

A. The site covers all of the UK. At the moment, demand is outstripping supply as we can’t recruit garages quick enough due to the amount of demand from motorists.

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